About Us

About us

Beaureale is a group of consultancy, asset management and real estate transactions companies specializing in the hospitality real estate market, leisure and tourism business, leisure and business hotels in France, in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and more generally continental Europe.

Beaureale advises investors and operators on both the strategic and operational levels, and implements on their behalf strategies for valuing their real estate assets through sale-leaseback, financing or refinancing, renovation or extension in a vision of sustainable optimization and long-term value.

Since its inception, Beaureale has had consulting and intermediation mandates for more than € 1.5 billion of real estate assets in Europe.

Beaureale can draw on extensive experience in sourcing, financial structuring (sale-and-lease-back, financing / refinancing, etc.) and operational (real estate development and sales in blocks or single units) on the French, German, Dutch and Belgian markets, and has a partnership relationship with several French and Dutch investors and several leading operators in their respective markets.

Key points

Cross-border deals

Beaureale has the experience of international and cross-borders deals, for example in France, The Netherlands, China, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, etc.

These deals have different levels of complexity, like asset deals; share deals; Private Equity deals and subsequent restructuring.

€ 10m to 1.5 billion

Beaureale has the capacity to master deals from € 10m to more than a billion, and has passed strategic partnership agreements in order to use AIFM European passport if necessary, so that any strategy of funds raising can be used, from retail real estate to portfolio block sales, from public issuance to private placement.

Full “tool-box”

Beaureale can deploy through its internal and external resources the full “tool-box” of touristic sites creation or repositioning.

From touristic sites’ development (master planning; conception; real estate development and sales) to financing, refinancing, assistance to operations, HR, legal and tax.